A life all in for Jesus is not a trade-off or a sacrifice - it’s a bargain!

Scripture: Matthew 13:44-46

Jesse Leimer, September 2, 2018


Jesus gives us wisdom to live through the storms of life.

Scripture: Matthew 7:24-27; Romans 2:4, 12:21

Scott Gaglardi, August 26, 2018


Jesus links prayer and faith and invites us to grow in both.

Scripture: Luke 18:1-8

Scott Gaglardi, August 12, 2018


God cares about what you do with His invitation. We must get rid of our excuses.

Scripture: Luke 14:15-24

Jesse Leimer, August 5, 2018


Our natural tendency is to lean towards unforgiveness and live with the pain unforgiveness brings, but Jesus shows us a better way.

Scripture: Matthew 18:21-35

Scott Gaglardi, July 29, 2018


What keeps us from crossing the street and helping others?

Scripture: Luke 10:25-37

Scott Gaglardi, July 22, 2018


Jesus invites us to face life with faith and generosity instead of fear.

Scripture: Matthew 25: 14-30

Scott Gaglardi, July 15, 2018


God will take the hidden and insignificant beginnings to a triumphant finish.

Scripture: Luke 13:20-21

Jesse Leimer, July 8, 2018


When God wants to do something new in you, be ready to get rid of the old.

Scripture: Luke 5:33-39

Jesse Leimer, July 1, 2018