our mission

To further the vision of First Ave by inspiring people to the person of JESUS and the goodness of God, through anointed, EXCELLENT, engaging worship & creative arts. With the Holy Spirit's power, we will present a JOY-FILLED celebration of Jesus, demonstrate & encourage a GENEROSITY in our praise of Jesus, model & affirm a vibrant spirituality where our PASSION for Jesus is clear, and demonstrate the goodness of God and GOOD NEWS of Jesus in fresh & creative ways.


what we do

The First Ave Worship Arts department provides a musical atmosphere of worship for our Sunday morning services at 10:00AM, as well as monthly events such as our Prayer Summits and Worship Nights. The bands are comprised of passionate, capable musicians who are eager to play, minister, and appear their best whenever they are on stage. 0% of what we do is a performance. Every note sung, and every chord strummed is an offering to God. Why wouldn't we want to offer Him our very best?

Besides playing on stage, there are a few other roles within Worship Arts department on a Sunday morning:

Sound Technician: The sound system in our auditorium requires a technician with an ear for music, and some training can be provided in regards to the sound board, mics, monitors and backstage amp room. This role is perfect for someone with a "techy" mindset, and the ability to listen closely to detail. The weeks they are scheduled, sound techs must be able to attend Thursday night practices at 7:00PM, as well as Sunday morning practices at 8:30AM.

Visual Technician: Our visual techs are proficient in the use of ProPresenter 6, our graphics program. This role includes responsibilities such as making sure the slides for each song are in the correct order, and promptly changed during the worship set and sermon. Being "computer-savvy" is a must for this role, but all aspects can be trained. Attending worship practice on Thursday nights is helpful, but not mandatory. Visual Techs meet with the band at 8:30AM before the Sunday service.

Video Team: Our Video team is responsible for capturing the entire service on video. Some training can be provided if you are interested in getting involved with this team - Video volunteers commit their time on Sundays from 9:30AM until the very end of the service, usually about 11:30AM.

how do I get involved?

If you are a capable musician (any instrument, including vocals) who has experience reading chord charts, or have any interest in the sound, visual, or video roles, we would love to get to know you and see if you are a good fit for the Worship Arts department. You must be available to attend practices for weeks you are scheduled, which are held on Thursdays at 7:00PM. Feel free to come and check out a Thursday night practice to see how it works. The band also meets before the morning service at 8:30AM.

Anyone looking to get involved can email our Worship Arts Director, Mercedes Gaglardi at mercedes@firstave.org.